We are a currently small company, specialising in entertainment (web-based TV and Radio stationing) and Research&Development of new technologies.


We were initially founded in 2009 as “Tech~Link FM” and over the following years “Tech~Link TV” was launched creating the “Tech~Link FM / Tech~Link TV Co.”. Then in 2011/2012, we evolved to the 'Tech~Link Corporation' and finally in early 2013 we abbreviated it down to 'TLC' / 'TLC UK' / 'TLC - Tech Link Corporation'. It was at this point the two initial sectors became TLC Radio and TLC Radio.


  • Our main service at present is our Radio services which recently began 24-hour broadcasting.

  • Video entertainment services via our many outlets such as Youtube and on our website

  • Multimedia productions, through our TLC Productions sector.

  • We currently have plans to replace the defunct "Maskinson Project" are being considered for potential evolution in 2020.


for 2019/20

  • Continued development of our TLC Radio services.

  • Redevelopment of our TLC TV services.

  • Beginning the evolution of our TLC News and TLC Weather services.

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