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About Us:
Jordie8396 WebSolutions is a company specialising in website design. We currently offer a number services including:
  • Website Design
  • Website Creation
  • Website Management
We also offer logo creation services, which can be used on your websites.
We can cater for all website solutions. from simple text pages to full HD Graphics pages.
We also have the ability to make booking websites and online shopping sites.
Our History
We were created in 2016, as a result of the creation of the Jordie8396 Co. and a general shuffle around and rebranding at the Tech Link Corporation, with the TLC moving their web design branch over to Jordie8396 Co. and rebranding it as such.
We have been primarily working with the TLC WebTeam in the complete the redesigning of the Tech Link Corporation's website and in the creation of the website of Jordie8396.
In March 2018 it was decided to open our services up to the general public, to help small businesses create stunning websites. 
  • Website Design
This is our most basic service, in which we take a one-off fee. For this, we will design your website, then hand it over to you to take control of everything else. With this plan we will provide your website via a free hosted site, leaving you the responsibility of upgrading the website to have your own domain.
  • Website Creation
This plan is a pay monthly or annually service, in which we can provide ongoing advice on the website. With this plan, we design the entire website and use our hosting service to get you online. You can then take control of the front end of the website and edit it as and when you need it, while we take care of all the back-end stuff, including obtaining your personalised domain name. With this plan, we can also come back do some of the more major edits and redesigns, for an additional cost.
  • Website Management
This is a group of plans and are our top range plans. These plans are paid monthly or annually. We design and host the entire website, including obtaining and managing your domain name. We will also do all the editing for you. All you need to do is send us the content and your ideas as to how you'd like it to look, we'll do the rest. There are no set prices for these plans as each is created personally to suit the client. additional features in this plan include personalised email accounts, E-Commerce management and other advanced features.
In addition to these, we may have added costs for special features and 'apps' used on the website.
Pricing Guide

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